We take great pride in being thorough in our work, while also staying considerate of you as the client. 

We started our company because we really love what we do.

We dedicate our focus and care to each project as if it were our own, while always respecting the wishes and the integrity of every client home.  

Kivipiste is a family run business and we are happy to serve clients in the Helsinki capital area. When it comes to 3D Wall Design and other art projects, we are available to work on projects all throughout Finland.

Rudi Geront

construction & design

Rudi Geront

Since I was a small boy, I have always known exactly what I wanted to become. As time has gone by, different mentors have taught me everything I know about the nature of materials and have given me the technical skills to work in any situation or circumstance.

My greatest joy is when I am able to absorb, refine and create something that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Päivi Geront

finance & administration

Päivi Geront

My strengths are in numbers and organization. I really enjoy making sure our clients do not have to think about administrative and project management details. This role thrives from my previous career in international banking. Click here to see my resumé.  

The most important thing for me is that our clients are well informed about every stage and aspect of the work regarding budgets, schedules, possible changes and so forth.

In short, I make sure there are not any surprises at any point of the project.